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Germinating Cannabis Seeds

LET'S GET 100% Germination

You must have a 24 hour temperature gauge that shows the low and high temp over a 24 hour period.


You Can Buy One From HoliMoli Or From Accurite

DO NOT Drown your seeds in a cup of water! This is a BAD idea. DO NOT use heat mats. Not advised not accurate. Can over heat cooking your seeds.

Please follow our Germination Techniques

Using These Steps Together For Great Results

Germinating Cannabis Seeds Using The Paper Towel Method

The Paper Towel Method Is A Proven Germination Technique

Items needed:

tools you need to germinate photo

Paper towel
Plastic snack baggies

Get one pH digital pen
Water - at room temp 78F and Ph at - 6.0 to 7.0 pH

Temperature is Everything! The seeds need the right temperature to germinate. (most important) Get a 24 hour Temperature Gage If you don't have one you may not get 100% and You may not get any to germinate .

Get Your Marijuana Seeds Ready

Place fresh marijuana seeds in the refrigerator (not the freezer) until you are ready to germinate. Place them in the original packaging that we shipped to you.

Like going from winter to spring. A week or longer is best. This helps to set right timing for plant to reconize spring when you start with warm 75F temps 24/7.

Test temperture where seeds will be placed for 24 hours period prior to gremination. Use a 24 hour period temperture gage to see the high and low in a 24 hour period. Make sure room temp of Not less than 68F and not more than 82F and maintained 24/7. 75F is idea. NO EXCEPTIONS

Moisten your paper towel

Using room temperature, filtered water or standard bottled water that has a neutral PH of 7 or slightly less 6.0. Wet a paper towel and place your seed (s) in the middle.

Towel method to gremination Towel method to gremination 2 Towel method to gremination 3
Make sure they don't touch each other (to prevent bacteria, mold or fungus) Fold the napkin about 6 times making a square. (be sure the seeds stay in the middle) Place paper towel in baggie and seal. Place in warm place. (68F to 82F)
Make sure heat of 75F Average is available. You can use the Top Of the Refrigerator or a dark place like a closet, even a light. Before germinating there - Use a 24 temp meter to verify low and high temp in a 24 period. (at a temperature of 68F to 82F. - 75F is ideal) NO EXCEPTIONS until germinated. Usually within 2 - 5 days.

Germinating on refrigerator

Germinating in a drawer Germinating on a light

In The Kitchen on the Refrigerator. (68F to 82F) Test and Verify Temperature with a 24 hour temp gauge for low and high temp in a 24 hour period.


Summer's hot weather just place in a cooler area. (68F to 82F) test with a 24 hour gauge for low and high temps in a 24 hour period.


Winter - Place above your L.E.D. Grow light. Check gauge for low and high temps in a 24 hour period. leave light on 24/7 to maintain heat. (68F to 82F)


Maintain Temperature 24/7,(68F to 82F) until fully germinated. Usually within 3 - 4 days with this method. Some seeds may take longer.

Check Seeds only once every 36 hours


Germinated seed

Shows 36 Hours later


Germinated seed

Shows 72 Hours later

Shows 72 Hours later

Shows 4 - 5 days later

Continue Germinating Cannabis Seeds Using The Wick Method

The Wick Method Makes Them Sprout Fast

The Wick method allows seedlings to grow without over watering or drying out. 100% effect. You can use othe types of growing medium. Rockwool Etc. We are showing soil.

In Soli DO NOT Water your seedlings from the top. Pouring water on them will disloge them and either bury them to deep or will make them flaoat to the top. Either way watering from the top can stop your seedling from growing properly.

If growing indoors Place under lights for 18 hours per day. 6500k is prefered. and 12,000 lumens - more is better. Use with climate control. 68F - 82F is best.

Plant outdoors in spring when the weather warms up. Nights need to be in the 60F plus. Fill pots with soil for transplanting, or just plant directly into the ground.

Continue to ensure that the temps DO NOT FALL BELOW 68%. If it does it will slow or even stunt their growth.

container of water airy soil cup with holes
Fill a container with about 2 inches of room temptature water. Use moist quality soil - that can hold air and water. Fill cups with holes in bottom. Lightly packed.
Can use soil such as Fox Farm Ocean Forest. or a mix of quality soil = 10% perlite, 40% coco, 50% plant starter. Do not use garden soils with pre-mixed fertilizers as these may damage the seedling.
cups in container of water placing seedling in hole covering seedlings
Place cups into water. Press your finger in middle of soli to make room for seeds. Place seeds in holds with treewers so as not to hurt the seedlings tap root. Lightly push a little soil toward the seedling. do not apply any pressure.
Be Very Gentle with your seedlings. They can be damaged very easily at this stage. A steady hand and a Green Thumb is needed.
topping seedlin with moist soil watering top of seedling ready to spout with labels
Gently sprinkle about 1/4 inch of moist airy soil over the top of seedlings. DO NO PRESS ON SOIL!!! Using a turkey baster lightly moisten the top area. The water will pack them just right.. DO NOT DISTRUB SOIL. Place your plant label in the cups. Your seedlings will sprout within a few days. Do Not Disdurb THEM.
Once planted, Do Not Disturb The Seeds at all. Be Patient. Disturbing them can and will damage them! keep about 2 inches of water in container though out the sprouting stage.
Protecting seedlins 1 protecting cages for many seedlings sprouted cannabis plants
Place under lights (indoors) 68F - 82F or place them outside making sure night temps are 60F plus. If you are growing them outside, consider building a safe place for your seedling to grow. The results are great. You really can get 100% to grow. It's up to you. It's now time to: Transplant

2 days after they sproup thru the soil:

Transplant them in their permament container and location.

Go to Holi Moli pH Bal. There is a lot to learn about growing cannabis. I hope this all helps you on your way to growing a great crop.


What do I feed my plants? Go to HoliMoli Nutrients

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