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Holi Moli - Dr Moli's Customers Reviews

Holi Moli Reviews

Everybody loves the Dr Moli's Products by Holi Moli Organic for use on food and non food crops: it can be used in grow rooms, greenhouses, on field crops, or on fruit trees. For Indoor and Outdoor plants. Safe for you and your Plants. We Ship Free!

Holi Moli juice is fantastic.  It stinks to high heaven but I have never used anything that works better.  When I saw how well it worked I started using it on my roses and I am getting the most beautiful blooms I ever had!  When I got whiteflies and aphids I used The Eliminator and it worked right away.  It also helped the roses with black spot.  I plan on putting it on my cucumbers as well.  I highly recommend Dr. Moli's products for any plants in your garden or home!

  • Donna - Akron Ohio


I was growing OG kush plants from another company and grew your og right behind them. Your genectics where right on and the plants where so beautiful. I have bought serveral times from Holi Moli. Love you guys. You have a customer for life. Thank you
  • Richard - Oklahoma

Reviews about DrMoli's Eliminator:

I have been growing 10 years I've seen Dr Moli products tried them and compare them to other products. I use this products an the difference is remarkable bigger buds and more frosty. I’ll never use nothing but holimoli drmoli eliminator and nutrients. thanks holimoli

  • Sal - Cherry Hill

Great products! I’ve not had a chance to use it for a little while now I have been too ill and had surgeries. Everybody I know my friends are using it and glad they have found it. They thanked me all the time for telling them and showing them all about the products. They are having really good results and are glad they found these products. They have tried similar products that claim to do the trick but nothing works like this. And they cannot believe how inexpensive it is compared to the stuff in the stores. I have made a lot of people happy by showing them this.

  • DOUG - SoCal.

I have used several bugs sprays for 3 yrs. And never got rid of the problem and one of our strains get powder no matter what we do we can’t get rid of it and the plants that we normally would have thrown them away. But with the Eliminator it save the plant and still got a lot of quality flowers and saved the rest of crop. No bugs spread to other plants. If use eliminator u will never have other products. The eliminator works so good people will think your plants are fake and all the HoliMoli products are top quality we have used house of garden fox farm and several other company’s with HoliMoli use only one product its great

  • BRETT - Moreno Valley


Hi dave, you’re the king, never have done so well, need to re supply all HoliMoli products, will be in touch, thank you so much, both  p.s. neighbor, killed it with eliminator

  • BOB- Big Bear

Hello my name is John I’ve been growing for some years now  I was lucky enough and very thankful to be introduced to Dr. Moli and his HoliMoli products. Eliminator and MedaCann and Holimoli Juice. I’ve used many different recipes in my time and each recipe cost me an arm and a leg to purchase. Now that I use Dr. Moli products Great Prices! And all the nutrients in 1 bottle what could be sweeter than that. I have been blessed with spider mites not to mention other pests that destroy your crop and mold. Eliminator gets rid of mold instantly spider mites and other pests, it works! Now for the MedaCann I live in the high desert where temperatures reached 109 and winds up to 50 miles an hour and neither fazed any of my girls thanks to the HoliMoli products a must-try.
I would just like to send this message out to all the Growers stop throwing your money away on all these useless products that don’t. I’ve seen I believe and I’m sharing this with you. Happy Farming.

  • John- Adelanto

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