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Aphids are Harmful To Cannabis Plants


Scientific Name: Aphidoidea

Nickname: Aphid, Plant Lice



Vary between 1/20 and 1/2 of an inch in length, depending on species. Most species appear red, green, yellow or orange.


Prefered Habitat:

Happiest at a temps of 60 to 80 degrees F. When snacking on your marijuana plants, they drop a substance that is sweet called “honeydew” which can grow sooty mold, which turns your plants’ leaves black



Only females. The overwintering eggs hatch in the spring producing females and continues through the summer. Living 20 to 40 days females hatched in spring may produce thousands of descendants



Many aphid species are monophagous (that is, they feed on only one plant species). Others, like the green peach aphid Myzus persicae, feed on hundreds of plant species across many families. Aphids passively feed on sap of phloem vessels in plants..


The Cure: Eliminator

Side Notes:

Aphids are a “sap sucking” insect, Aphids have also been known to carry viruses, which can pose a serious problem for the plant and grower. Eliminator Kills Aphids Instantly.

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