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A cannabis breeder is someone who creates new strains of cannabis through selective breeding and hybridization. Responsibilities and characteristics of cannabis breeders include:

  • Genetics Research - Studies diverse cannabis genetics to identify desirable cultivars and landraces to serve as parent plants for breeding.
  • Germplasm Selection - Carefully selects specific cannabis strains to use for breeding based on their traits like cannabinoid profiles, aroma, structure, etc.
  • Crossbreeding - Crosses two compatible cannabis plants by manually transferring pollen from the male to the female flower to achieve fertilization.
  • Strain Stabilization - Breeds subsequent generations of a new hybrid strain over several years to achieve stable, consistent expression of the intended traits.
  • Phenotype Selection - Chooses individual plants each generation that exhibit the most desirable phenotypic traits to continue propagating the strain from.
  • Documentation - Keeps meticulous records about strain lineage, cannabinoid content, terpenes, and characteristics during the breeding process.
  • Growing/Cultivation - Grows, cultivates, and propagates cannabis plants to preserve strain genetics and produce seeds or clones. Must understand cannabis horticulture.
  • Testing/Analysis - Has cannabis tested through each generation for cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid profiles using lab methods like HPLC and GCMS.
  • Marketing & Distribution - Develops descriptions, names, branding and packaging for new hybrid strains before releasing to market through seed companies or as clones.

Cannabis breeder techniques

(also known as geneticists) undertake scientific research into plantand crop-based agriculture with the aim of improving plant breeding techniques and developing new strains of crops. Plant breeders work to develop disease and drought resistant crops while increasing yields to meet consumer needs.

The most important methods of breeding cross-pollinated species are (1) mass selection; (2) development of hybrid varieties; and (3) development of synthetic varieties.

Genetic engineering is one type of genetic modification. Traditional plant breedingalso modifies the genetic composition of plantsPlant breeding, which involves crossing and selection of new superior genotype combinations, has been going on for hundreds of years.

Steps Involved in the Plant Breeding Process: 4 Steps

  • Domestication: Domestication is the process of growing plants and keeping animals under human care and management. ... 
  • Germplasm Collection: a. ... 
  • Plant Introduction: a. ... 
  • Hybridization: ... 
  • Heterosis (Hybrid Vigour) and Inbreeding Depression: ... 
  • Synthetic Varieties: ... 
  • Mutation Breeding: ... 
  • Polyploidy:


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DEA Says YES according to emails from the DEA, marijuana seeds have no THC content so the schedule 1 drug laws would not apply to marijuana seeds.

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