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Nebraska Marijuana Laws

The state of Nebraska has decriminalized possession of small amounts of cannabis, punishing possession of up to one ounce with a $300 citation, but the sale of any amount of marijuana is still felony (with mandatory minimum prison sentences). For instance, someone convicted of selling a single joint faces a mandatory one-year prison sentence in addition to a stiff fine.

Code Section 28-401, et seq.
Cultivation Classifications and penalties for cultivation are based on possession  
Possession Under 1 oz. (if first offense): Citation, up to $300, and attend a course; 2nd offense: Citation, $400, up to 5 days in jail, and Class IV misdemeanor; 3rd offense: Class IIIA misdemeanor, $500, and up to 7 days jail; Over 1 oz.: Class IIIA misdemeanor (3 months, up to $500); Over 1 lb.: Class IV felony (5 years, up to $10,000)
Sale Any amount is a felony (1-20 years with a mandatory minimum sentence of 1 year, up to $20,000); a 3-year mandatory minimum sentence and up to $50,000 if sold to a minor (up to 50 years if sold within a school zone).
Trafficking Classifications and penalties for trafficking are based on sales
Is Medical Marijuana Permitted? No.

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