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Big Blue Cheese Marijuana Seeds

Big Blue Cheese is a highly potent, big yielding (600 g/m2), strain that produces insane amounts of resin. It puts on serious bulk during flowering, almost tripling in size.
Buds are thick and dense and visibly gleam with THC. Indoors it’s advised to start flowering when the plant hits 30-40cms. Outdoors the plant can grow up to 2.5 metres.
big blue cheese thumb gallery big blue cheese 2 thumb gallery big blue cheese 3 thumb gallery big blue cheese 4 thumb gallery
The smell and taste are particular highlights. Think sweet fruity berries with a hint of spice thanks to its Blueberry genetics, coupled with the classic skunky Cheese undertones.
The stone is classic indica; a fast hitting euphoric high followed by a calming body stone. Suitable both indoors and outdoors the big yielding, Big Blue Cheese is a true connoisseurs strains and the perfect addition to your strain collection.

 Strain Characteristics:


Indoors or outdoors


THC Level:
18 - 21%

Flowering Time:
7-9 weeks

Plant Type:
Indica/ Satvia 60/40

Mid October

Blueberry - UK Cheese - Big Bud

600 gm2

Grow Difficulty:


Now you can try Big Blue Cheese in the all female version, Big Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds.
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